15 Unique Gift Ideas for LEGO® Fans

Are you looking for some unique gifts for your LEGO® fan?  LEGO® sets are great as gifts, but there are some really fun LEGO®-themed things out there that are sure to please even the most focused brick builder.  Check out these 15 unique gift ideas for LEGO® fans!

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1) LEGO® Classic Kids Minifigure Buildable Watch
by LEGO®

Mom!  What time is it?!  Now you don’t have to ask because you have your own watch.

2) LEGO® USB Flash Drive

Have some important data to save? USB drives come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  We just happen to like this one a lot! Comes in sizes ranging from 4GB to 64GB and in six different colors.

3) LEGO® Toy Building Brick Patent Blueprint Mug
by Artisan Owl

LEGO® + hot chocolate.  Need we say more?  Extra marshmallows and whipped cream, please!


4) LEGO® Kids’ Yellow Plastic Alarm Brick Clock
by LEGO®

Don’t be late!  Wake up in style with this LEGO® brick alarm clock. This clock is available in blue, red, and lavender, too!


5) Fred SNACK & STACK Kids’ Interlocking Brick Utensils
by Fred & Friends

Mom said you have to eat your veggies?  Make it a little more enjoyable with this set of silverware.





6) Building Bricks and Minifigure Ice Cube Tray or Candy Mold –for LEGO® lovers
by Jollylife

Hey!  There’s a LEGO® floating in my drink.  No, wait…..

7) LEGO® Journal with Band
by LEGO®

Jot down your ideas in this notebook!  Quick!  Before you forget them!

8) LEGO® Minifigure LED Head Lamp
by LEGO®

Need a light?  How about on your head?  This head lamp lets you see and leaves your hands free.

9) LEGO® Gel Pen Set
by LEGO®

Now, if your teacher would only let you do your homework in pen….

10) LEGO® Christmas Ornament
by Outside the Brick

Brighten up your tree with a unique LEGO® ornament.

11) LEGO® Bumblebee Key Chain
by LEGO®

Buzzz, buzzz!  This keychain is cute and it won’t sting you!

12) LEGO® Hydration Bottle
by LEGO®

Thirsty?  “Lego” of your old, boring water bottle and reach for this cool LEGO®-themed one!

13) LEGO® Lunch Box with Handle
by LEGO®

The perfect match for your LEGO® water bottle.  Pack a lunch with a drink and the fun is sure to follow!

14) Candy Building Blocks – 3 Lb
by A Great Surprise

Build a delicious creation and then eat it!!

15) LEGO® Pencil Case
by IRIS USA, Inc.

Give your pencils a home with one of these fun cases!

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