LEGO Learning Idea: States, their Capitals, and Abbreviations

My little guy has been struggling to learn his US geography lately, namely his states, capitals and state abbreviations.  I tried worksheets, file folder games, apps, websites – you name it, I tried it.  Then it occurred to me….Why not teach it to him using bricks?  Of course!  Why didn’t I think of this before?!

So, I dug out a few some a bunch of 1×4 and 2×4 bricks from our brick bin.  I made up some labels on the computer, printed them out on sticker paper, and stuck them to the sides of the bricks.

Study the States with LEGO® Bricks

To start, I chose to use three 1×4 or 2×4 bricks of the same color for each state.  There will be some overlap in colors because these bricks do not come in 50 different colors, but this helps out a beginner who is just learning.  The stickers can easily be peeled off, reprinted and re-applied to varying colored bricks for a more advanced learner.

Study the States with LEGO® Bricks

There’s a couple of ways I put them together.  I’m sure your builders can think of a lot more!

Study the States with LEGO® Bricks

Here’s how to make your own set:

Dig up 150 of your best 1×4 and 2×4 bricks.  You may even want to use the not-so-best ones. The stickers will cover up the scratches.

Print out the labels on a full sheet of sticker paper.  These are sold as full sheet shipping labels and you can get them in white or clear.

This activity is really flexible!  For a beginning learner, you can make all the bricks for one state the same color and/or you can color code the stickers (if you used a white sticker sheet).  For a more advanced learner, you can mix up the colors of the bricks and/or leave the labels plain white.  The stickers make it really easy to change things up and to add bricks to the set.

I’ve made a pack that makes this activity super easy!  It contains the stickers for the states, their abbreviations, and capitals, but it also includes a map and flashcards.  This map allows you to extend the learning by having them build the bricks for one state and then find that state on the map.  They can label that state on the map, writes its abbreviation and then, using an atlas, locate the capital and put that on the map, too.

The flashcards are great for reinforcing the learning!  You can play Go Fish or Concentration with these cards, but you can also just put them on a table and have your student match them up.

Study the States with LEGO® Bricks

Click HERE to get your Study the States with LEGO® Bricks pack!

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