Epic Inspiration for Young LEGO® Maniacs

Epic Inspiration for Young LEGO Maniacs

A couple of weeks ago, my boys and I went to see the Nature Connects exhibit of LEGO® sculptures which is currently on tour of the United States. If you click on the title of the exhibit above, you will be able to see future locations this exhibit will visit.

These sculptures were created by an amazing artist named Sean Kenney. They definitely gave us all of us epic amounts of inspiration to come home and create our own sculptures!

“Sean Kenney is a renowned, award-winning artist and “professional kid” who uses LEGO pieces to design and create contemporary sculpture for high-profile clients, major corporations, and venues around the globe for over 10 years.”      -http://www.seankenney.com/about/

We’d love for you to join us by taking the virtual tour. Click here to come along with us and see some amazing sculptures. (Ignore the slider bar at the bottom.  The virtual tour has navigation buttons you can use to move through the tour. Click the “Details On” button to read more about each sculpture. Click the “Details Off” to go back to the main picture.)

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  1. joyfulmomof6

    Thank you for sharing your photos! The next best thing to being there. The closest they come to us is about a five hour drive (Spokane) but it looks like it’s worth considering!

    Thanks again


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