What is the difference between the eStore and the BrickLink store?

The eStore is where you can buy complete kits for any of our classes.  This includes kits for our online LEGO® Classes, Brick Builder’s Academy and mini-build kits.

The BrickLink store is great if you are only looking for individual pieces to round out one of your builds or to replace any pieces you may be missing.

What is Brick Builder’s Academy?

Brick Builder’s Academy is an online series of LEGO®-themed online classes from Outside the Brick.  They are subscription-based classes that you can work through within the subscription period of 120 days/4 months at your own pace.  All of the classes in Brick Builder’s Academy are just one lesson with instructions for an accompanying build and most classes take 15-60 minutes to go through the content and the build.  The video lessons are meant to give students a taste of the theme of the class and encourage them to explore more on their own.  These classes are also great for younger builders who are just starting their LEGO® journey and are a great way for any student to work LEGO® into their day.

This class is licensed to be used with one family only.  You can use this class with many different children within a family within your subscription period, but the content may not be transferred to another family.  Co-ops and teachers can find more information about using Brick Builder’s Academy in their settings by emailing outsidethebrick@gmail.com.

What’s included in a Brick Builder’s Academy class?

In each class you purchase:

  • This informational document
  • A video lesson with build-along
  • Picture instructions for the build.
  • A supply list (so you can use your own bricks, if desired)
  • A kit information sheet (if you would like to purchase a kit for the class)
  • A discount you can apply toward purchasing the kit for the class build.

Is Brick Builder’s Academy a reboot of the LEGO® Club that ran at CurrClick.com from 2011 through 2016?

Yes, it is!  Brick Builder’s Academy has been designed and is being run by the same person who led LEGO®Club at CurrClick, Roni Bergerson.  Brick Builder’s Academy is designed to look and feel very similar to LEGO®Club so former members will recognize it and feel at home.  Of course, new members are also welcome and you do not need to be a former member of LEGO®Club to join in the fun!

What is the difference between your LEGO® Classes and Brick Builder’s Academy?

Our LEGO® Classes tend to be longer and have more information in them surrounding one topic.  They make take a student more than one session to work through and tend to be quite thorough and/or deep in their exploration of that topic.

Brick Builder’s Academy classes are meant to be short, bite-sized classes based on one theme.  These are generally for younger students or for students who want a launching pad for their own exploration of the topics. These classes also are great for a monthly lesson featuring LEGO® bricks and elements for families who wish to work that into their learning schedule.

Both classes feature a LEGO® build related to the theme of the class, including a walk-through of how to build it.

Can I use your classes in my co-op or classroom?

Any of our classes are great for a co-op or classroom setting.  As our classes are licensed for one family only, please contact outsidethebrick@gmail.com for co-op or classroom information.

How are your online classes delivered?

We use a learning management platform called Moodle.  This is an open source platform that contains a variety of different features that make it a great place to host materials for classes.  On our class pages, you will find links to video lessons, files to download, links to visit, and even a checklist to track your progress through the class material.

Do I need any special software to participate in your classes?

There are no special software requirements to participate in our classes.  You will need an internet browser (we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).  Your computer will need to be able to play videos in .mp4 format and view PDF files.  These classes are also available on mobile devices provided they have an internet browser installed and are able to view videos in .mp4 format and view PDF files.  There are worksheets and other handouts in our classes so having printer capability is strongly recommended.

If you ever have any questions or need assistance for this class, our inbox is always open.  Please contact us at outsidethebrick@gmail.com with any questions or problems you may have.


What is your stance on Common Core or other governmental education standards? 


Materials from Outside the Brick are specifically created with the highest learning standards in mind. These standards come not from the government or any other governing body, but from a homeschooling parent perspective over a decade long. Materials from Outside the Brick are not considered complete and ready for release unless they meet the highest standards of what we, as homeschooling parents, would give to our own children.The only mass-produced materials we incorporate into our program are authorized LEGO® bricks and elements. All other materials are created by hand, from scratch, and that is the way we intend to keep it.