LEGO® Challenges

The LEGO® Challenge of the Month from Outside the Brick is being revamped.

How do these LEGO® challenges work?

On the first of each of each month (unless it’s a holiday or weekend, then it’s the next available weekday), a new challenge will be released, which you can do as your schedule allows.  There is no expiration for any of these challenges.  Feel free to pick and choose the challenges you want to participate in. You can always find the links to all the challenges on this page.

You can create your build a few different ways:

If you create your build digitally (using a software or website), take a screenshot or two, save them to your hard drive and upload them in one of the ways below to respond to the challenge.

When you’ve built something in response to a challenge, post your picture in any of the following ways:

  • Our Facebook page
  • Tweet it to us at @OutsidetheBrick
  • Tag us on Instagram @outsidethebrick
  • Post the photo on the social media platform of your choice and label it with the hashtag #otblegochallenge
  • Email it to us at

There is also a printable sheet to go with every challenge where you can tape or glue a picture of your build to keep.  You may want to add this to your LEGO® idea book or into your school portfolio.

Be sure to tell us a little bit about your build and you can include the first name of the builder and where you’re from, if you feel comfortable. Your picture will then be placed on the Wall of Fame for that challenge.  When others visit the challenge page, they will be able to see all the previous submissions for that challenge.

LEGO® Challenges