LEGO® Counting Mats

These LEGO® Counting Mats were created for the budding LEGO® lover who is learning to count from 0-20.  Each mat has spots for a 2×2 LEGO®  brick.  One brick for the number one mat, two for the number two mat, etc.  They each have a different color border.  The mats match the different colors LEGO® bricks come in.  It’s just a fun, colored border.  You will need at least 20—2×2 bricks for these mats.  The more bricks you have, the more mats they can have filled at one time.

Otherwise, they can use bricks to count on one mat; then wipe the bricks off before moving onto the next.

There are also areas on each mat for the correct number word and number card.  After your child has placed the correct number of bricks on the mat, they can search out and place the correct cards and place them on the mat with the bricks.

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