What is Brick Builder’s Academy?

What is Brick Builder's Academy?Do you miss the old, online LEGO® Club?  Well, get ready because there’s a reboot!  Newly named,  Brick Builder’s Academy is an online series of LEGO®-themed online classes from Outside the Brick. They are subscription-based classes that you can work through within the subscription period of 120 days/4 months at your own pace. All of the classes in Brick Builder’s Academy are just one lesson with instructions for an accompanying build and most classes take 15-60 minutes to go through the content and the build. The video lessons are meant to give students a taste of the theme of the class and encourage them to explore more on their own. These classes are also great for younger builders who are just starting their LEGO® journey and are a great way for any student to work LEGO® into their day.

This class is licensed to be used with one family only. You can use this class with many different children within a family within your subscription period, but the content may not be transferred to another family. Co-ops and teachers can find more information about using Brick Builder’s Academy in their settings by emailing outsidethebrick@gmail.com.

What’s included in a Brick Builder’s Academy class?

In each class you purchase you’ll find:

This informational document
A video lesson with build-along
Picture instructions for the build.
A supply list (so you can use your own bricks, if desired)
A kit information sheet (if you would like to purchase a kit for the class)

Is Brick Builder’s Academy a reboot of the LEGO® Club that ran at CurrClick.com from 2011 through 2016?

Yes, it is! Ever since LEGO® Club was discontinued at CurrClick, I received a ton of questions asking if it was going to come back.  Well….it’s back! Brick Builder’s Academy has been designed and is being run by the same person who led LEGO® Club at CurrClick, Roni Bergerson. Brick Builder’s Academy is designed to look and feel very similar to LEGO®Club so former members will recognize it and feel at home. Of course, new members are also welcome and you do not need to be a former member of LEGO®Club to join in the fun!

What is the difference between your LEGO® Classes and Brick Builder’s Academy?

Our LEGO® Classes tend to be longer and have more information in them surrounding one topic. They make take a student more than one session to work through and tend to be quite thorough and/or deep in their exploration of that topic.

Brick Builder’s Academy classes are meant to be short, bite-sized classes based on theme. These are generally for younger students or for students who want a launching pad for their own exploration of the topics. These classes also are great for a monthly lesson featuring LEGO® bricks and elements for families who wish to work that into their learning schedule.

Both classes feature a LEGO® build related to the theme of the class, including a walk-through of how to build it.

Want to try out a Brick Builder’s Academy class for yourself?  Try our Brick Basics class for free!

Check out the Brick Builder’s Academy classes for yourself!

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